SINCE 1946

A robust, dynamic and flexible company, a leading player in the construction industry due to its speedy execution and proficient services, that organises and and manages the entire project, from design to complete on-site realisation.

Bertoli Costruzioni leads in the construction, renovation and seismic improvement of buildings by adopting hybrid 'concrete and steel' solutions which effectively respond to the most diverse requirements, starting with those of the hospitality and hotel sectors, where swift and assured completion of renovation or expansion projects is essential. The company also carries out work in the public sector by building aqueducts, sewers road works and urban development.

In the civil sector, Bertoli Costruzioni constructs residential and commercial buildings with the aim of offering a high standard of living and low energy consumption, as required by increasingly demanding environmental regulations.

years '40 '50

Founded in 1946 under the name 'Bertoli Geom. Giovanni', Bertoli Costruzioni S.p.A. initiated its journey during the post-war reconstruction era. It carried out numerous construction projects, thanks to the 'Ina-Casa' plan promoted by Hon. Amintore Fanfani. At the beginning of the 1950s, surveyor Giovanni Bertoli, who had inherited a passion for building from his master builder father, began to expand the business by hiring new workers and specialising in civil works, such as roads and the construction of social housing.

years '60

Giovanni Bertoli successfully continued its activities in the civil sector, while also concentrating his efforts in the industrial sector. During these years, the commitment and expertise of Impresa Bertoli Geom. Giovanni earned national recognition and acclaim, propelling the family business to carry out construction projects and installations for leading industrial groups.

years '70

During these years, the company, committed to ongoing research and development, intensified its efforts and interest in new materials. It initiated studies on innovative construction methods aimed at mitigating, if not entirely eliminating, certain common issues. The 'self-sinking caisson' technique was developed and perfected. An innovative system, an evolved result of the techniques that Giovanni Bertoli already used to build bridge piers. Even today, albeit with advancements in technologies and materials, the concept of the 'self-sinking caisson' continues to be the optimal solution for specific operations, enabling shorter construction times and enhancing safety throughout the construction phase.

years '80 '90

The company Bertoli Geom. Giovanni became Bertoli Costruzioni s.r.l. under the direction of current director, engineer Fabrizio Bertoli, restructuring its internal organisation, with a heightened focus on the industrial sector becoming the core of its operations. It consolidated the considerable prestige achieved and continued to invest in research and innovation, thus enabling the acquisition of important projects in both the civil and industrial sectors.

years '00

With the new millennium, the 3rd generation of the Bertoli family joined the company. In the same period, to meet the needs of an increasingly important and multinational clientele, the company became a joint-stock company. Bertoli Costruzioni S.p.A began to propose a new way of conceiving concrete foundations and introduced 'precast industrial foundations' into its production system, created to drastically reduce execution times.